Risk Assessment

This is our Risk assessment for filming.

Title: Media Film Project
Writer: Alexandria Clow
Date: 4th March 2012

Date and time of filming:
5th March 8pm – 11pm ,
17th March 2011: 4pm -7pm,
25th March 2011: 8-11pm
27th March: 4pm-7pm
27th April: 2pm-6pm

We are going to film in Peterborough Town, in the following places: an alley way in Central Park and Central Park, Borne Woods.
We will also film in: Market Deeping, London, and Glinton.
The possible hazards are as follows:
We could stab ourselves with props, which is a medium risk.
There is a risk of being run over, which is a high risk due to us filming near busy areas and roads.
There is a risk of us being mugged; although this risk is low we will still take safety measures.
There is a medium risk of us tripping or falling over.

The safety measures we will take to avoid these risks are as follows:
We will hold the props correctly and keep them covered up until we need them, particularly the knife. We will also take time when crossing busy roads. We will keep to the middle of paths and try to avoid pedestrians. We will also keep our possessions hidden, and we shall each have our phones on us at all times (me, Leanne, and Warren).

Site officer (of the school) contact number: 01733 252235
My contact numbers in case of emergency are: 07578407343 and 07795304766.


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