Welcome to my AS media coursework portfolio. Here you will find all my work to do with the creation, production and evaluation of my Opening Sequence for the begining of a film.

My brief is to create the titles and opening of a new fiction film which lasts for the duration of two minutes.

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Final Media Product

Below is my final opening sequence. ūüôā

Final Editing

Today we finalised all the editing and made sure our opening sequence was up to scratch. We watched our opening sequence through ourselves and asked a few of our target audience what they thought.

Some stated how the sound at ‘01.17’ did not have a smooth transition, and we noticed this too. As we had¬†originally¬†cut and faded the two sections of the song together using the ‘blade’ and ‘cross dissolve’ tools, we tried to blend it as flawlessly as we could. However after picking up on this imperfection we decided to re edit this audio transition. We extended the¬†duration¬†of the overall sequence, and therefore we moved the transition in sound to ‘01.50’ which fit in perfectly to work with the previous section of the sound.

Below is our opening Sequence before edits (sound change at 01.17):

Below is our sequence after edits (sound change at 01.50):

As you can see and hear we successfully smoothed this sound to conform to professionalism.

We then added sounds effects from ‘Se7en’ which complimented the sound track and worked well to establish an audio, visual connection. We imported clips from the opening sequence soundtrack to Se7en and used the blade tool to select and cut sections and move them to¬†appropriately¬†areas. We used the effects that come with Final Cut Pro in order to enhance the sounds slightly, we used ‘monster’ and ‘alien’. We placed them firstly when the antagonist is placing the images of the photographs down, and each photo that hits the page has a complimentary sound to go with it. These sounsd foreshadow violence and danger, thus keeping to our minor tones and dark sound and narrative ideology.

Overall I am pleased with my final piece and very happy with the way it turned out ūüôā

Editing the photograph scene

After a successful filming day, we got down to the editing. We opened and imported the files – eliminating the worst ones since we filmed it about 6 times to ensure we had a good footage.

We used the blade tool to cut sections of the clip we didn’t like and used the ‘cross dissolve’ tool to fade the newly formed sections together flawlessly.

Positioning; We played with positioning of the clips and decided it looked good right at the very beginning after the establishing shot of the field due to the fact it made most logical sense here as well as being at its visual peak aesthetically. We decided that the photographs at the beginning create a sense of mystery for the audience, due to the fact they will instantly be wondering who the girls in the pictures were. We were careful to choose photographs that looked as though they were taken unaware, thus enhancing the fact the antagonist is a stalker/murder kind of character.

We had filmed the footage in a low eerie lighting and therefore did not need to add many post production effects on this, the only thing we did was turn the brightness down slightly.

We played around with the ‘intro flashes’ effects and other flashes, and although I thought this created a good effect as it looked jarringly distorted in an immersive way, we eventually came to the decision that the flashes looked too red and therefore resembled fire too much – so we’d leave this out.

We then added some sound effects as an audio overlay, taken from the film ‘Orphan’ which worked really well with the photograph scene as the music worked to the beat, and highlighted the fact the photographs were being thrown down.

Below is an example of our editing;

Overall, great editing day, i’m pleased with the results so far and am happy to say we are almost finished!

Filming the photograph scene

We had originally intended to film the murderer sorting through pictures of female victims in the opening sequence. This would create further relevance between the antagonist and the victims, thus foreshadowing later events. This photograph scene will go towards the beginning of the opening sequence to help establish the narrative.

Warren, our actor was unavailable, so we decided to improvise by wearing black gloves to hide our hands and sorted through the photos ourselves. This meant the hands blended into the dark background and would not be seen on camera. Leanne was the actor on this occasion and therefore I filmed, demonstrating how she should flick the pictures onto the scrap book. I stated she should not get her hand in the frame, due to the fact this would decrease verisimilitude, but it also conforms to our identity concealing mise en scene.

We achieved the correct lighting by turning the lights off, and only having a small lamp as our light source. We discovered this was the most suitable light source after some filming attempts in full light and no light Рwhich were unsuccessful. Our lightning that we achieved created an eerie sepia atmosphere which was exactly what we were looking for.

Making the props:

We searched through Facebook ¬†for photos of our friends who would fit the specific victim category – being young and female. ¬†We made sure the images we chose were not poised’ and looked natural – as if unexpected. It was important that they looked unexpected in the photos due to the fact the audience is under the impression that the murderer has taken these photos himself, with the victims unaware. We printed the photos out using a black and white setting due to the fact this made them look more authentic and conformed to our theme of thriller. We cut them out carefully to create the illusion time has been spend collecting the photos, and this again enhances the antagonists poor mental state.

To film this scene we simply dropped the photographs onto the previously made scrap book, and made it look as through the antagonist was throwing the photos onto his scrap book. The whole scene is a point of view shot from the antagonists perspective, panning to close ups on particular faces to put further emphasis.

Below is a example of our filming today;

As you can see above, we achieved a good lighting via turning all the lights off and only having a small lamp as our light source. This worked effectively to portray a correct atmosphere.

Overall I am very pleased with how our filming turned out and can’t wait to edit it into the rest of the sequence.

Further editing after feedback

Today we concentrated on editing as a result of our feedback. We took into condensation what our target audience said and we picked up on certain points such as the repetitive music, and the jumpy shots.

To overcome these to make our sequence more effective, we ;

– Added flashes;into the more dull scenes, such as the forest scenes and the field scenes which go on for a bit too long. We wanted to spice up the atmosphere and make it more captivating thus conforming to our thriller genre. We added the effect ‘Intro Flashes’ and used the blade tool to split the clip in half, so that only the first half of the clip would contain these flashes. This was due to the fact that we experimented with this effect on the whole of the clip first of all – which we found made the trees look too Christmas like and not thriller like at all. We decided to include few flashes, but flashes none the less as this conformed to thriller films like SE7EN.

– Added more titles; and extended credits.

– Added more music¬†variety; by extending the rest of our¬†original¬†track ‘reptile’ by ‘nine inch nails’. This track had a more upbeat tempo towards the end- however this came at about 5 minutes into the song, where as our sequence was under two minutes. We used the blade tool and cut the melody at the end of the track and placed it towards the end of our two minute sequence. This increase in sound towards the end makes the scene look busier and more captivating to the audience, and reflects the fat the narrative is building up to something.

– blurred shot of bod

Below is an example of our work after editing, the points described above are shown below.

Overall I think we have achieved a good result, which we would not have been able to achieve if it was not for our target audience feedback. We learnt new skills along the way and we are a lot more confident in working with Final Cut Pro.

Below is our media so far!

Film 4 Logo incorpration

We took the film 4 logo from the video we found on youtube, below.

We then used movie maker on my PC to edit the clip, just taking the section we needed from the end.

We then imported this small file into Final Cut Pro on the Mac Book and placed it at the begining, with the typographical accomplishent ‘In Association With’ which we created by adding¬† title on the same colour as the logo, and a transtion to make the logo look professional and establish authenticity.

Below is example of how we edited this logo into our work,complete with the title and typography of ‘In association with’.