Final Evaluation

Overall I am very pleased with the way our opening sequence turned out, and we learnt a lot along the way including:
a) How to use Final Cut Pro
b) How to edit frames together smoothly
c) How to achieve an effective piece of visual imagery.
d) That Final Cut Pro is much easier to use, and better quality when rendered than Windows Movie Maker.

However, if I had the chance to redo this project I would:

a) Use a better quality camera.
b) Not use a trial version of a software, due to the fact they will expire.
c) Allow slightly longer time for editing. I learnt this can take much longer than expected.
d) Allow more time planning shots and directing. I learnt that preparing and planning is in fact more important that the actual construction.
e) I would also perhaps add a wider variety of shots and locations, particularly of the victims in order to establish a better connection between the audience and build a synthetic relationship between the characters and the audience. This would make my opening sequence more eye catchy and captivate the audience more.

But apart from that I really like the way it turned out. :)


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