Evaluation Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Below is a video discussion outlining the points below:

Media distribution is the key final process involved in making a media product, such as a film, successful. It is important to consider carefully how we will distribute our opening sequence film to ensure it creates success.

A production company is mostly involved with the progression and development of a film, however they occasionally involve themselves in the funding of the film too.  Although there are production companies that have connections and work alongside distributors, the distributor does not have any such involvement with the production of the film, and exclusively works on the demonstration and presentation of a product.

Film distribution in the UK is highly important for the film companies, as it is the distributors aim to advertise and present the film so that it can receive the largest possible audience. Once a company has produced its film they need to make sure it is distributed in such a way that it can receive the highest amount of attention – a film can only be launched once so it needs to be presented in the best possible way, to ensure they won’t make a loss.  This task cannot be easy for media institutions, especially when there are so many different alternate entertainment options. This is why marketing strategies have to be highly thought of in order to make the film successful.
Some distributors only release a few films a year, where as some may release twenty to thirty, so it important to regard competition when making a judgement. Who the film appeals to, and its audience is very important to consider when choosing a media distribution institution, as this can affect the campaign and marketing strategies itself. Older generations are more likely to be persuaded by TV adverts, where as younger generations are more likely to see internet adverts, due to their activity online. Genre, narrative and characterisation of the film is also vital to consider when choosing a distribution institution, as we have to look at what the institution has successfully distributed previously, to see if ours will fit in and turn out as successfully.
We also have to take into consideration about our film budget. Larger budget films can afford simultaneously release the film on 1000’s of different screens throughout the UK.

After much consideration, we decided to choose Film4 Productions as our media distribution industry as we think that it would benefit us the most. As a low-budget British film co-funded by Film4 with a target audience of 16 to 26 and a genre of ‘Thriller’, our media product would be best suited for Film4 Productions. We found from our research that most of the younger generation watched Film4, Channel 4 and E4 more than any other channels as it is considered to be popular and up-to-the-minute with modern day teenagers.

Film 4 Productions (owned by channel 4) has occupied a situation in the UK film industry since it originally started in 1982, therefore gaining a trusted and successful reputation with audiences. It is a television channel available with certain providers, which screens films for ‘free’. Film4 is available to Virgin Media customers, Sky TV customers, and Freeview and Freesat customers, therefore boosting the accessibility to the channel. Film 4 has also been accountable for making a large number of UK films successful. One example of this is Danny Boyle’s Academy Award-winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, which was released in 2008. Channel 4 and E4 also show programmes such as ‘90210’, ‘Skins’ and ‘Ugly Betty’ which are also popular with our target audience, and therefore capture their attention. ‘Skins’ is closer to our genre as it features similar content to that of our own, such as illegal crimes and murders.

We have chosen Film4 because we found that this channel is more associated with the type of genre and audience that we have related our product with, than other channels such as ITV. This channel would be most successful in delivering our film to our target audience in a way that appeals to them, therefore gaining us further profit from sales, as they can advertise all the way throughout the day on television to those who might be interested in a thrilling film, and also on the internet on any of the channel 4 websites, which would reach our target audience more successfully. Not only does Film4 have a thriving marketing strategy, but the way they deliver the films to the audience is triumphant. Film4 is on air everyday from 11 am, therefore appealing to a wide range of audiences. Most films within the same genre as our ‘Drama Thriller’ genre are available later on in the evening. By being on this channel, it would express the general conventions of the film, which create ideology for the target audience. This largely triumphant institution would benefit us when it comes to the distribution of our media product, as audiences connotations with this industry would be thought of as successful.

The BBC Films is an alternative institution that we could have chosen to distribute our media product with, however we rejected this idea after researching, as we found out that it doesn’t convey the correct approach that we would like to with our film. The BBC is more popular with older audiences, and for people who like the genres of drama, and documentary. We felt our film would be out of place in the BBC and we would not get the response we want if we were to choose them.

We would not choose the cinematic approach with our film, as it is only low budget and would not make a profit if we were to choose this route. Film4 is considerately cheaper for both us, and the audience. We have taken into consideration that our audience may not have much money, due to their age and therefore probably wouldn’t be persuaded by going to the cinema. This way we can gain a much wider audience, and therefore popularity and success.

Our opening sequence includes “In association with Film4” at the beginning, to show our audiences that we have worked with them. This in turn gains them popularity and further profit for future films.


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